Tuesday, December 04, 2007

International media: Iran nuclear program all rainbows and cuddly puppies

I really need to stop watching CNN International when I'm traveling in Europe. Since the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) regarding Iran's allegedly non-weaponized nuclear program was released, CNN-I has been trumpeting it in a manner to suggest that anyone who was concerned about Iran's programs is a Chicken Little. That Iran has been enriching uranium at an alarming rate is completely immaterial in their eyes.

Absent from any of these reports is any reference to Iran's Hizballah connections. Of course, to say that Iran is merely "connected" to Hizballah (or Hezbollah, depending on one's preferred spelling) is trivializing the fact that Hizballah is a creation of Iran and is beholden to Iran in the same way that organized labor is beholden to the Democratic party.

I'd almost feel more comfortable if Iran stated they were enriching uranium to build nuclear warheads. As it is, one might assume they're doing it so they can pass it to Hizballah for use in dirty bombs.

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