Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spamalot - lazy post 1 of 2

I've disengaged my brain for Christmas, and I just don't feel much like wading through the usual muck to post anything of substance.

I went to Spamalot at the National Theatre in DC the other night with some friends and colleagues. It's "lovingly ripped off" from the film Monthy Python And The Holy Grail. Basically, a musical stage version of Holy Grail.

I'm not a real theater goer, but a friend had gotten his hands on a block of tickets, so we all went to dinner then headed over to catch the show. I've always liked Monty Python, but was never a fanatic like a few people I know. Still, the show was great fun, and had me chuckling throughout.

I wasn't sure how I'd like Holy Grail made into a musical, but if anything, the musical numbers somehow made it even funnier.

If you ever get a chance to catch it, don't miss out.

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