Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fredericksburg music scene - lazy post 2 of 2

As much as a I rant about national politics and world affairs, it occurs to me that I never post anything about local stuff.

Fredericksburg, Virginia is a great little town steeped in American history. It's the childhood home of George Washington, and the site of numerous US Civil War battles. The historic downtown area is loaded with shops, restaurants and cafes and rivals old towns like it in Europe. But what I like most about Fredericksburg is the music.

For a town of its size (population around 20,000), Fredericksburg is just loaded with musical talent. By that I don't mean a bunch of kids abusing musical instruments, but real musical talent. The locus for that talent seems to be a music shop in town called Picker's Supply, where my own son takes bass guitar and piano lessons. They've got a stable of music instructors there that would be the envy of any major city.

A favorite venue for local musicians is the Colonial Tavern, where there's live music just about every Friday and Saturday night, as well as an open mic night on Monday nights. We've seen countless bands and solo performers there, and our own boys have played there on Monday nights. Just last night, my wife and I caught a great blues/rock band at the Tavern called "Mojo Hand". Awesome stuff, and I'm not even a big blues fan.

If you live in the area, don't miss the music at Colonial won't be sorry.

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