Monday, December 29, 2008

Greek paper: Jews to blame for Gaza strife...oh yeah, and financial crisis, too

Haaretz reports that Greek news source Avriani blames unspecified Jews (I guess all of them?) for the violence in Gaza and the global financial crisis. Oh, and they're also preparing for World War III.
After the American Jews acquired once again the world's wealth and plunged the planet into an unprecedented financial crisis, they started rehearsing for WWIII.
Oh, and that whole global love affair thing with Barack Obama? can forget about that.
The paper also blamed U.S. President-elect Barack Obama for "playing dead" in the present crisis by not saying anything against the Jews, urging him to prove that he is not owned by the Jewish lobby.
I, for one, welcome the age of "pure, delicious crazy".

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Mr. Bingley said...

Those joos turned me into a newt!