Monday, December 08, 2008

Blog fodder

I've been looking for something to post today that hadn't already been covered at length by my betters, but without much luck. Let's see...Supreme Court declines to hear stupid Obama birth certificate case? Done. Major MSM outlet goes Tango Uniform? Done. Khalid Sheik Mohammed and others want to "confess" at Gitmo? Done. Detroit bailout? Done, done and done. Even the Joe Satriani sues Coldplay for copyright infringement story...done, as well as the Boy George arrested after freaky gay sex story...done.

Just as I'd despaired of finding something newsworthy or just plain weird that hadn't already been done by the Big 3...manna from heaven.
Several UK internet providers have blocked access to a Wikipedia page about German heavy metal band Scorpions due to an album cover that features a nude prepubescent girl, news agency AP reported on Monday.

The site was placed on the Internet Watch Foundation’s list of forbidden websites last week, spokesperson Sarah Robertson told AP. Many of the country’s internet service providers use the foundation’s list to guide them in choosing which sites to block, she said. Internet users first tipped the Internet Watch Foundation off to the image, and the organization concluded that it could possibly be considered child pornography.

The 32-year-old cover of the “Virgin Killer” cover features a naked pre-teen girl, and was met with so much criticism when it was released in 1976 that the band re-released the album with a different cover in several countries. The new cover featured the five band members.
Here's the Wikipedia entry in question.

Now, if references to "nude", "naked", "pre-teen", "prepubescent" and "freaky gay sex" don't drive up my Google hit count, I give up.

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