Monday, December 29, 2008

Cynthia McKinney to provide aid and comfort to Hamas

Ousted Georgia congresswoman, failed Green Party presidential candidate, and batshit-crazy barking moonbat Cynthia McKinney will join 15 other barking moonbats in running Israel's blockade of Gaza in an attempt to bring medical aid to the Palestinians.
A group of international activists said it would defy an Israeli blockade and send a boat with medical supplies to Gaza from Cyprus.

Free Gaza Group spokeswoman Caoimhe Butterly said their 20-meter yacht Dignity would leave Larnaca port around 5 p.m. (1400GMT) Monday with 3.5 tons of donated supplies.

She said the yacht would carry 16 passengers, including former US Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney, Cypriot lawmaker and doctor Eleni Theocharous and activists from Britain, Australia, Ireland and Tunisia.
Actually, I don't have any particular beef with the idea of bringing medical and relief supplies for Palestinian civilians in Gaza. I'd just rather see it done by an organization a bit more impartial than a group that calls itself "Free Gaza".

Oh, and by the way...the Israelis did "free Gaza" a couple years ago, and it hasn't worked out all that well.

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Dave D said...

"failed Green Party presidential candidate"

nice to see that in there..

you only see it with AP news stories regarding Sarah Palin anymore..