Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Minority Report

Apropos of last night's post on the global warming "consensus" in shambles, here's a link to the senate Environmental and Public Works committee minority (read, Republican) report referenced in the WND article.

Good stuff.


Ayrdale said...

The greens talk of a tipping point, after which certain irreversible events will occur.
It seems possible that such a point may have been reached with regard to AGW.
All that is necessary is scientific dissent (check), general public scepticism (check), and a dilution of the fear of runaway warming (check ?)

Seems pretty close to me...

Kris said...

Now we need the media to stop bashing skeptics.

It's business as usual, toe the party line and say what we want you to say or be mocked and publicly denounced, have your good name dragged through the mud, etc. Society no longer has much unbiased news, and there is little patience for dissenting opinion nowadays. Scientists and public figures with anti-Global Warming opinions have been publicly eviscerated in the media, and people have been reluctant to say anything that might jeopardize their reputation and/or employment.

I guess what I hate the most about slanted media is... well, everything.

Okay, okay, rant off. :)