Monday, April 14, 2008

Rev. Wright mouths off again

Barack Obama's spiritual adviser went off on another anti-American rant, this time at a funeral for a Chicago judge.
First reported by The Chicago Sun Times, Wright told mourners at the funeral that Thomas Jefferson, who partook in “pedophilia,” would also be considered unpatriotic these days because he wrote, “God would punish America for the sin of slavery.” He also quoted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who said that the U.S. has a “congenital birth defect.”
The left loves nothing more than to denigrate America's founders, but I've never heard of the allegations of pedophilia against Jefferson. I assume he's referring to the affair Jefferson is believed to have had with one of his slaves, a teenager at a time when teenagers were considered to be of marrying age.

But judging historical figures in the context of contemporary values is another favorite pastime of the left as Wright, in saying that Jefferson would "also be considered unpatriotic" ignores the fact that Jefferson actually was around in the days of slavery.

That Wright spewed his hatred at a funeral says more about the man's character (or lack thereof) than I could ever say.

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