Friday, April 25, 2008

Bizarre news item of the day

Bizarre not just for its topic, but for its brevity and lack of context. Jyllands-Posten reports that Danish Imam Abdul Wahid Petersen (there's the first indicator of weirdness) along with other Muslims has started a group to campaign for ... wait for it ... pigs' rights. The article is short -- maddeningly short -- so you'll get it all here.
Danish imam Abdul Wahid Petersen and several other Muslims have started a group, 'Muslims for Danish pigs' rights', to show that Muslims have a lot more on their minds than headscarves, reports public broadcaster DR.

'As Muslims, we think about a lot more things than we're normally associated with,' he told DR.

He explained that Muslims believed they had a religious obligation to the world they were a part of. And since pigs were part of the world, they were there to look after them. (LYT)
They may be haram, but they have rights!

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