Thursday, September 06, 2007

Steve Fossett: Most important man in America

Now, before someone excoriates me for being callous, crass and insensitive, let me be clear that I'm a fan of Steve Fossett and his aviation accomplishments. He's a great American in the classic sense, and I hope he's located safe and sound after going missing over the Nevada desert.

But let's be real. Does anybody think that if it was some every day shlub in their private plane who went missing there would be all this effort to locate him? As I type this, there's a press briefing going on describing the status of the search. There are literally squadrons of aircraft combing Nevada for the guy, from the Nevada Air and Army National Guard, state and local police, and the Civil Air Patrol. And the search area has just been expanded to ten thousand square miles.

As Allahpundit at Hot Air would say: "Better than you."

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