Friday, September 07, 2007

Norwegian diplomats fret over Israel's Palestinian prisoners

The hand-wringing bed-wetters that staff Norway's embassy in Tel Aviv have filed a report expressing concern over the treatment of Palestinians in Israel's prisons. Naturally, there are allegations of torture.
The Norwegian embassy staff is worried about how the Israelis treat Palestinian prisoners, reported Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Thursday.

In a report stamped "secret" and sent to ministry officials back home, they're asking ministry officials in Oslo to take up torture concerns with their Israeli counterparts. NRK obtained a copy of the report.

The embassy report is in turn based on two independent reports compiled by a organizations that have interviewed Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. The reports cite "severe pain" inflicted upon the prisoners through beatings during questioning.
Now, I'm not naive enough to think that the Israelis are engaging in anything less than, shall we say, robust questioning of pigs that launch kassam rockets at nursery schools, but allegations of actual torture are straight out of the captured jihadi's playbook. They know how that plays with the hand-wringing bed-wetter crowd.

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