Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pelley's '60 Minutes' interview with Ahmadinejad has left seething

I posted that link yesterday to the dKos reader who was stricken with a case of the vapors over Scott Pelley's rough handling of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on 60 Minutes Sunday night. Now it seems "Richard Cranium" (but you can call him "Dick Head") isn't the only one who thinks Scott Pelley is a dummy for Dick Cheney's ventriloquism.

A visitor to this blog last night arrived by way of a Google search. What were the search words? Take a look:

So it seems that either there's an Internet petition circulating demanding that Scott Pelley be fired, or this visitor was hoping to find one. It's a safe bet that if such a petition doesn't exist now, it will soon. Expect the grounds to be propagandizing for the White House, journalistic malfeasance or something along those lines, when in reality all Pelley did was break with mainstream journalism and try to corner Ahmadinejad with some tough questions.

These days, the left isn't happy if a reporter does anything less than perform journalistic fellatio when interviewing the world's worst dictators.

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