Saturday, September 01, 2007

'Can you explain this to me?'

Quote of day week month year:
"I do not understand why I have to defend myself. When one million people take to the streets in Turkey no-one says: These people are extremists who protest against the Islamization of Turkey. No-one would dream of saying a thing like that. But if the same thing happens here, in the heart of Europe, they say: These people are extremists. Can you explain this to me?"

--Udo Ulfkotte, organizer of the banned SIOE anti-Islamization demonstration
Hat tip: Brussels Journal


Anonymous said...

Eric, be patient and watch what will go on in Europe and Germany the next months. Udo Ulfkotte an some of his "associated networks" are not visible, but they are there... and silent.

No freedom for the enemies of freedom - not in the US, not in Europe, not in the Middle East, just nowhere. On the long run there will be now place to hide.

The 9/11 memorial day 2007 will be a very important date for peace keeping - in Europe and especially in Germany.


Eric said...

I hope you're right. I'd hate to visit Germany and not be able to get a beer.

Anonymous said...

Eric, if you are in Germany again I'll spend you a beer :-) How to get in contact to me? Send a mail shot to Udo Ulfkotte when you are in Germany. Tell him: "Somebody" will spend a beer, link this comment in your mail shot... and wait on feedback.

Eric said...

You can count on it...I go to Germany 2 or 3 times a year. :-)