Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Clinton-China connection

I'm beginning to wonder if Bill and Hillary Clinton are products of a cloning experiment gone partly wrong. Wrong in the sense that they're not identical in appearance, but right in that they appear to have the same reptilian brain.

The Clinton administration was dogged by allegations, rumors and innuendo over an apparent causal relationship between donations to the Democratic party and technology transfers to China. When Clinton transferred approval authority for technology sales from the State department to the Department of Commerce, sensitive technology flowed from the US to China like cocaine from Columbia. Commerce secretary Ron Brown's untimely death and the unusual circumstances surrounding that death did little to quiet down some of the more serious suspicions.

With Hillary's run for the Democratic nomination for President, we're treated to the second half of the Clinton-China connection. At Hot Air, Allahpundit says of the Norman Hsu scandal, "I’m thinking we haven’t yet scratched the surface of how awesome this scandal is." Yes, quite.

Given that none of Hsu's business interests appear to exist anywhere but on paper, where's all the disposable income he has for political contributions coming from? Further, how is it that someone politically passionate enough to contribute so much may have never registered to vote?

I'm not normally given to conspiracy theories, but I won't be surprised if Hsu conveniently dies or disappears right around the time the source of his deep pockets is traced to Chinese national interests. So, here's an easy question: What exactly is it about the Democrats, particularly the Clintons, that the commies in China love so much?

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