Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Mahmoud Monday

Today's the day America's Democrats, barking moonbats, leftist whackademics and Islamist Freakazoids have been eagerly anticipating: Iran's president and terror mastermind Mahmoud Ahmadinejad takes New York City by storm.

I'm too demoralized to link all the articles I've seen, but this Daily Kos post (courtesy of LGF) just stands out as a shining example of what's wrong with the Democrats and how completely unhinged they've become.
I am sitting here absolutely stunned after watching the 60 Minutes interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Reporter Scott Pelley was unbelievably scary in asking the questions he asked.

At the moment, I’m at a loss for words, but if you watched it, and were as stunned as I was, please let me know. I need a sanity check.

I’m going to have to wait for a transcript, but here’s what immediately scared me:

* Pelley’s “questions” (allegedly from George Bush) [Alleged by WHOM?? --ed.]
* Pelley’s declarations that the U.S. had “proof of Iran firing missiles at Americans in Iraq”
* Pelley’s assertations [sic] that “Iran is providing material support to Iraq insurgents. We have proof. What do you say?” ... or something like that. Very close.

It was a masterful Goebel-esque performance by 60 Minutes on behalf of Dick Cheney.

I’m telling you, it was scary beyond belief.
I've got visions of this idiot sitting at his computer, quivering and weeping over poor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being bullied by CBS reporter Scott Pelley. But all snickering aside, what can be so profoundly wrong with an entire group of people that they would deny all evidence to the contrary and believe a terrorist leader over independently verified US reports of Iran's meddling in Iraq?

It would be easy to dismiss this as lunatic fringe raving if it wasn't for the fact that the dKos community has become the face of the Democratic party. Knowing this, who in their right mind could possibly vote for a Democrat?


aDM said...

All too depressing.

Eric said...

Yes...yes it is.