Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ralph Peters: No 'Eurabia' in the making

The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star carries an interesting item this morning in the form of an interview by Paul Kengor of Grove City College (Pa.) with Ralph Peters, noted author, columnist and retired US Army officer.

In the interview, Mr. Peters articulates something that's been at the back of my mind for some time, namely that Europeans will return to their old martial form before allowing their respective countries to be turned into an Islamified Eurabia.

Conventional wisdom holds that western Europe is too old, too enervated to resist radical Islamism, and that given their declining birth rate, European nations will evolve one by one to majority Muslim countries. I've long wondered whether native Europeans might act while they're still a significant majority in their own countries. Mr. Peters certainly thinks so, as the following excerpts show...
Immigrants don't want to assimilate, but neither do Europeans really want them to assimilate. The miraculous North American model, in which "America makes Americans," has no counterpart in Europe. For all their pacifist masquerading, Europeans remain really good haters--you can still smell the smoke of the ovens of Auschwitz.

[ ... ]

Native Europeans despise Muslims, while Muslim immigrants despise Europeans and their values.

Europe is the continent that perfected genocide and ethnic cleansing--and that has exported more man-wrought death than any other continent.

[ ... ]

I have no difficulty imagining a scenario in which American naval vessels and U.S. Marines are in European ports to evacuate Muslims expelled from their countries of residence. Compounding the tragedy, Muslim countries would attempt to refuse to repatriate them.

The Muslims of Europe may end as the 21st century's displaced persons, a mass without a home, confined to holding camps. Of course, there are many other less-dramatic potential scenarios. But one does sense that Europe's Muslims are living on borrowed time.

Good Lord, consider how thoroughly the Jewish middle classes had integrated into Europe over the centuries--and virtually every European state happily packed them off to Bergen-Belsen.

[ ... ]

There may be abortive, if lurid, Muslim uprisings in Europe--it all depends on how a very complex equation plays out--but if there are, they will fail miserably and swiftly. There will be no "Eurabia." Jihad in Europe is doomed. There will be no continent-wide war, although each country would be glad for an excuse to participate in continent-wide repression.

When their welfare is sufficiently threatened, Europeans will return to form as heartless killers and ethnic cleansers.

[ ... ]

There is zero chance of Europe becoming Eurabia or of parts of Europe being governed formally by sharia law.

The whole Eurabia/"the-Muslims-are-taking-over" hysteria is nuts. Even if Swedes will no longer fight for Lutheranism, by God, they'll kill without remorse to keep their saunas.
I think that last sentence I emphasized is a somewhat flippant over simplification, but it makes the point. Interesting reading, to be sure.


thejackal said...

Having visited Europe and gotten a taste of each country's disdain for each other, I have no problem believing the Muslims will become about as popular as Czech gypsies. Scratch most Europeans, and you will find beneath their exterior the most devout cultural supremacists on the planet. The thought of a pack of goatherds taking over will send them into a bloodcurdling fury.

Eric said...

You're right. I visit Europe quite a bit, and no matter how friendly, hospitable and polite one finds the typical European, they're often quick to find and point out fault with other cultures and ethnicities.

As long as there's no point of contention between, say, a German and an Italian, all is well. But give 'em just one reason to argue...