Sunday, April 08, 2007

An Easter post...sort of

It's about hassenpfeffer, so that sort of makes it an Easter post, right?

A German rabbit breeder sold 12 unusually large rabbits to North Korea at a steep discount so that the Norks could establish their own breeding program and ease their chronic food shortage.

There's just one problem. The North Korean commie leadership may have eaten the rabbits themselves before the rabbits had a chance to, uh, you what rabbits do.

Those rabbits, by the way, just in case you don't read the linked article, are huge, as evidenced by the picture at left. They weigh around 23 lbs. and produce around 15 lbs. of meat.

The market price is €200, about $266 at the current exchange rate, but the breeder sold them to the Norks for a mere €80 ($106).

In case you're keeping track, that's $17.73 per pound at market price that the Norks received for $7.06 per pound.

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