Sunday, April 15, 2007

Maya Angelou: Bush supporters = lynch mob?

Maya Angelou was interviewed tonight on the CBS Evening News (hey...I was waiting for the local news to come on!), and of course the topic was the Imus Affair.

All was well insofar as Ms. Angelou was consistent in her condemnation of vulgarity. But then she set off a bomb, which I'll paraphrase because I don't make a habit of capturing CBS News on my DVR and I can't find a transcript.

When asked about the various hip-hop artists that use language similar to what Imus got fired for, Ms. Angelou said something like "Just wait until a hip-hop star writes vulgar lyrics about Laura Bush, and there won't be enough rope for the hangings."

I'm sure one of the news watcher blogs will pick this up. It was pretty incendiary stuff, which I think even caught the anchor off guard.

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