Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus in the mourning

Imus is a dick. I don't like him and never have. If he never comes back on the air, I won't miss him. But I'm almost compelled to come to his defense. Almost.

What he said was stupid, sophomoric, infantile, offensive, etc. But not truly racist. Even if Don Imus is an asshole, I don't think for a minute he's a racist. Narcissist? I'll buy that.

But this whole episode has amused me to no end. Imus is a relentless Bush critic, making him a favorite of the lefties. But what's a lefty pundit to do when one of their own goes so far off the reservation? Throw him under the bus, of course.

I'm still looking for a link to it, but this morning I caught Jesse Jackson on TV classifying Don Imus as a "political figure". In Jackson's world, any journalist who hosts a political figure becomes a political figure himself. As a political figure, of course, suspension isn't good enough. He must burned at the stake.

The Rev. Al Sharpton has been no more forgiving. I think after Jesse's done burning him at the stake, Reverend Al will draw and quarter what's left.

As long as it's some one like Don Imus, I say let them.

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