Sunday, April 01, 2007

15 Brits held hostage in Iran; 58 million more Brits held hostage in Britain

While Islamist freakazoids hold 15 British sailors and marines hostage in Iran, the rest of the country is being held hostage by Islamist freakazoids at home, according to the Daily Mail.
Schools are dropping controversial subjects from history lessons - such as the Holocaust and the Crusades - because teachers do not want to cause offence, Government research has found.

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Some teachers have even dropped the Holocaust completely from lessons over fears that Muslim pupils might express anti-Semitic reactions in class.

And one school avoided teaching the Crusades because its "balanced" handling of the topic would directly contradict what was taught in local mosques.
If the British government can't stand up to the rabble in their own country, how can they be expected to stand up to the rabble running Iran?

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Anonymous said...

As a teacher can i say that that isnt true. Only the Mail could make it seem so widespread. Ive helped out in a school in north London with a high population of muslim students and we cover all aspects of this. Must be a tiny % of schools and if its been exposed then that is a good thing.

p.s were doing ok with Iran on this issue so far. Why are the Americans in such a spin over this? (serious question). Its like we have a bellicose Iran in one corner and US Republicans in the other - tonight on Sky they were discussing the problem of both Iran and US 'bellicosing' and screaming at the UK. Surely after Carter and Mogadishu you know these things arent easy - why make it worse? We all want to see Iran neutered but what sense is there in playing their propaganda game screaming out of both corners?