Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pravda: Back to the future

I haven't paid much attention to Russia's Pravda online edition, but this article on the Imus Affair proves that they're every bit the government mouthpiece today as they were back during the height of the Cold War. Don Imus wasn't fired for being a jack-ass, you see. He was silenced by America's War Leaders!
In a clear sign of its intent to reign in dissident American media personalities, and their growing influence in American culture, US War Leaders this past week launched an unprecedented attack upon one of their most politically 'connected', and legendary, radio hosts named Don Imus after his threats to release information relating to the September 11, 2001 attacks upon that country.

According to European reports of the events surrounding Don Imus that have gripped the United States this past week, it was during an interview with another American media personality, Tim Russert, who is the host of a television programme frequently used by US War Leaders, wherein while decrying the state of care being given to American War wounded stated, "So those bastards want to keep these boys [in reference to US Soldiers] secret? Let's see how they like it if I start talking about their [in reference to US War Leaders] secrets, starting with 9/11."

Unable to attack such a powerful media figure as Don Imus, directly, the US War Leaders, and as we have seen many times before, resorted to a massive media attack against him using as the reason a racial slur against a US woman's basketball team, but which has been pointed out by other media outlets was not by any means a rare occurrence for the legendary radio icon to make.
This is exactly the same clumsy anti-US propaganda "reportage" that appeared during the Cold War. It shows a complete ignorance of American culture in that to believe this tripe, one would have to believe that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are in the employ of the Bush administration.

Absolutely laughable.

Hat tip: Hot Air

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