Saturday, February 03, 2007

What's at stake

I got my hands on an unclassified Joint Staff Powerpoint briefing that included this map showing what an Islamic Caliphate might look like should the Islamists be allowed to continue their pursuit of that goal.

The briefing itself is pretty good, and in fact should be delivered to the public. Unfortunately, it suffers from the same politically correct nonsense that continues to hinder our efforts, for example a line in the speaker's notes that incorrectly states Islam literally means "peace". Whether that's an example of ignorance or political correctness, it's enough to make me wonder about the quality of the people briefing the Joint Staff.

Back to the map of the Caliphate. It's pretty sobering to take in, and doesn't even include the large chunks of Eurabia that would quickly follow. Nor does it include, inexplicably, the island shared between Malaysia and Indonesia which would certainly be a part of the Caliphate right at the start.

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