Friday, February 02, 2007

Chinese army harvests prisoners' organs; world yawns

It's safe to say that America is held to higher moral standards than China, and rightly so, but shouldn't there be some limit to what the world is willing to overlook?

While left-wing groups disguised as human rights organizations criticize us for being so brutal as to imprison without trial unlawful combatants captured in battle, China's army is harvesting organs from their prisoners for profit.
China's military is harvesting organs from unwilling live prison inmates, mostly Falun Gong practitioners, for transplants on a large scale — including to foreign recipients — according to a study.

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"The involvement of the People's Liberation Army in these transplants is widespread,'' Kilgour said at a press conference.

Like many civilian hospitals in rural China, military hospitals turned to selling organs to make up for government funding cuts in the 1980s, the report said.

But military personnel could operate with much more secrecy, it said.

"Recipients often tell us that even when they receive transplants at civilian hospitals, those conducting the operation are military personnel,'' the report said.

Hospitals in Canada's biggest cities — Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto — confirmed "a substantial number'' of Canadians had travelled to China for dubious organ transplants, Kilgour said.
I'll lay off the easy target of Canada's nationalized health care for the time being.

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J. said...

AS a Falun Gong practitioner i can thank you for posting your heartfelt concern for this atrocity happening right now as we speak. The only thing you can do to to help is expose it all whenever you can and speak to your Local MP's or Senators radio TV etc.. Voice it speak it yell it from the earth to the heavens. I know the heavens are are listening and some good epoplea re working very hard to expose the CCP for what it is in the 21st century for a safer future. Thank you