Sunday, February 25, 2007

Come along, Sherman

Let's set the Wayback Machine™ to 1993, and see what this news report says about this new thing called Internet.

I found this particularly amusing since in 1993, I was still on active duty and pretty busy building out a chunk of milnet, as we referred to the US military's portion of the Internet at the time.

Update: It occurs to me that "Wayback Machine" and "Come along, Sherman" may fly over the heads of some, depending on age and/or country of origin.

In the "Rocky and Bullwinkle" cartoon series, there were short segments with a kid named Sherman and a scholarly dog named Mr. Peabody. Mr. Peabody had a time machine he called "the Wayback Machine", and he'd take Sherman ("Come along, Sherman") on little real-time history lessons. As a kid, I liked those segments more than the Rocky and Bullwinkle segments.

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