Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hillary dissembles

I just caught a clip on TV of Hillary Clinton addressing a crowd of supporters in which she was taking questions from the crowd. A woman asks her how she squares her assertion that if she was President in 2002 she wouldn't have invaded Iraq with her senate vote in favor of the invasion.

Her response (paraphrased from memory): "We would never have granted the President that authority if we knew how badly the President would abuse that authority".

Excuse me, but WTF?? Congress grants the President the authority to invade Iraq, and Hillary says exercising that authority constitutes abuse of that authority?

Keep digging, lady.

Update 11:11 on 12 Feb. 2007: I can't find an online version of it yet, but our local paper today has an article covering some of the comments from Hillary's appearance, which by the way was in New Hampshire. According to the article, she says she voted to (get this) give Bush authority to send weapons inspectors to Iraq.

Well, I guess in a way you could call 180,000 troops the ultimate weapons inspectors.

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