Saturday, February 10, 2007

A hobby of mine that I've been neglecting for a while is home beer brewing. I recently started again, and one of the necessary parts of brewing is good record keeping of each batch...ingredients, brewing, fermentation observations, final results, etc.

I decided a great way of doing this was to blog all my batches, which I've done at my new blog called, appropriately, Brewer's Log.

If you're a beer brewer, or just a beer lover, stop by and feel free to comment.


dizzyfatplonka said...

Oh Eric I have been a veritable Oliver Reed kinda beer monster until recently.
I have a good 20yrs of drink fueled oblivion to look back upon and laugh, I should not be alive today.
Alas though it has caught up on me unable to do it all now, my body has taken too much punishment and is feeling the toll.

Eric said...

Ah, yes...there's a fine line between being self-indulgent and being over-indulgent.