Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is gonna be good

After playing catch and release with Iranians stirring up trouble in Iraq a couple of weeks ago, US troops raided an Iranian consular office in Irbil, arresting five Iranians there and seizing computer equipment and paper records.
US forces have raided an Iranian consular office in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil [You say Arbil, I say Irbil. --ed.] and arrested five people, according to local officials. There has been no confirmation from the US military. Two senior Kurdish officials said that the forces stormed the building at around 3am local time, detaining five people and confiscating computers and documents.

Iran's official news agency confirmed the raid had taken place and said the US troops "broke into the office, without giving any explanation [Tit for tat...remember 1979? --ed.] and arrested five employees."
So, in the first episode, Iran's government insisted we release some guys who were obviously up to no good on the grounds of diplomatic immunity. I can't wait to hear their howling this time.

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