Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Canadian town finds it necessary to say stonings not OK

From Fox News:
Attention immigrants, the town of Herouxville in Quebec has a message for you: no stoning women, and no pouring acid on them either.

According to the Canadian Press, the town's council recently passed rules targeting immigrants to make sure there are no misunderstandings about the culture they're joining.

According to reports, the rural town of about 1,300 recently adopted a declaration of "norms" that would-be immigrants need to know if they plan on settling there.

Among the "norms:" kids can't bring weapons to school — no ceremonial daggers used by Sikhs or others. It's also all right for boys and girls to swim together in the same pool. Also, female police officers are empowered to arrest people, and are also allowed to drive, dance and make their own decisions.

Andre Drouin, one of the members of the town council, reportedly said the rules aren't meant to be anti-immigrant. "We're telling people who we are," Drouin said.

According to the reports, B'nai Brith Quebec called the declaration "anti-ethnic backlash," and a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Montreal called the measure insulting and full of stereotypes.

Drouin reportedly insists that Herouxville welcomes immigrants, despite having just one immigrant family.

The declaration is posted on the town's website.

Since passing the "norms," the town council has reportedly received some 2,000 emails, mostly in support of the measure.

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Urban_Infidel said...

It's the Middle Ages all over again.