Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is Socialism really that evil?

In fairness, EU parliament president Josep Borrell at least recognizes the problem of suicidally low fertility rates in Europe, particularly in his home country of Spain.
Speaking at a conference in Barcelona, Borrell claimed in 15 years the populations of Spain and Italy will be the oldest in the world, making large-scale immigration a must.
Spain and Italy both have fertility rates of 1.28 children per woman. Only 13 nations in the world, according to CIA World Factbook, have worse rates. Actually, only 12, since Russia ties Italy and Spain at 1.28. A fertility rate of 2.00 is regarded as the rate necessary for replacement, hence the dire outlook for the age of Spain and Italy's populations.

But back to why Socialism is evil. Note Mr. Borrell's idea of a solution to the problem; large-scale immigration. What's wrong with shagging like cats? It's more fun for Spaniards to do that than to fill out reams of paperwork for incoming immigrants. It has the added bonus of ensuring that Spain remains Spain.

But to a good Socialist like Borrell, Spain's cultural survival is less important than the survival of Socialism. And if Spain were to rely on the 20- and 30-somethings to shag like cats, it'll take too long to ensure Socialism's survival. There simply won't be enough people in the workforce to keep paying the taxes to fund the older generation. The situation has become so desperate, they need more people paying taxes now.

So rather than taking the long view and ensuring the survival of his nation's culture, Socialists like Borrell want the quick fix of massive immigration. Mr. Borrell worries that by 2022 Spain will have the world's oldest population. He should be at least as worried that by 2052, Spain will be al-Andalus.


dizzyfatplonka said...

If the planet was not run as a businness venture then the lower population could be seen as a godsend for lessoning polution levels, not a reason for flooding countries with foreigners.

alison said...

yeah go along with that DFP. Sweden and France (and now Germany) are making it easy to balance family and that world business venture. Its working out nicely. I expect Spain will follow suit.

Urban_Infidel said...

I agree with both commenters above.

The US still has a fighting chance.