Friday, January 05, 2007

Muslim hatemonger facing jail time for role in hate fest

One of the ringleaders of the London Islamic hatefest during the Great Cartoon Jihad, is facing jail time.
A British Muslim was facing jail last night after being found guilty of soliciting murder when he called for the death of Americans and Danes during a demonstration in London last year against cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

Umran Javed, 27, was described to the jury at the Old Bailey as one of the leaders of the demonstration outside the Danish embassy against the publication of the cartoons, first in Denmark and then across Europe. He urged the crowd to bomb Denmark and the United States.
In other news, historians have discovered that Saladin was known to cry "Death to America!" during the Crusades.


Urban_Infidel said...

Good! Glad to see the Brits cracking down on these terrorists.

Too bad they didn't arrest everyone in that protest.

alison said...

UI - they did arrest quite a few who are up for trials soon - but it is my honest belief a lot of the guys were under surveillance already and so our security didnt want to jeopordise it?