Monday, January 15, 2007

Danish Imams won't face charges

The Danish Imams of the Fake Cartoon Traveling Road Show have been cleared of all charges in Denmark for inciting riots around the world.
The State Prosecutor's office has been unable to find evidence that imams from Denmark broke any laws in their efforts to convince Muslims to protest against the publication of the Mohammed cartoons.

Despite over 100 allegations of violations of Denmark's terror laws, the Ministry of Justice's Office of Special International Crimes indicated the imams and others who travelled with them broke no laws when they visited Syria, Lebanon and Egypt in December 2005.

The decision to drop the charges clears the group of any responsibility for the burning of Danish embassies in those countries at the start of 2006.

State prosecutor Birgitte Vestberg said that the investigation concentrated particularly on anti-terror legislation's provisions regarding travel activity that threatens national security. She said that her office had gone through numerous documents, and found many statements contrary to fact, but nothing illegal and nothing that promoted violence toward Denmark.

The imams told national public broadcaster DR that they would do the same again under similar circumstances.

Kasem Said Ahmad, spokesperson for the Islamiske Trossamfund, the national organisation representing Denmark's Muslim population, said: 'Of course we would do it again, but we would be more careful with our information so that it is precise and clear.' [Does that mean they won't tote around fake pictures next time? --ed.]
I guess they're scouring the Danish newspapers for new Mohammed cartoons every day.

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