Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tory MP: British police "cowed by lunatics"

This representative of the
Religion of Peace™ wants you to
wake up and smell the coffee
before he kills you

Today's London Telegraph reports that an Islamist who praised the 7/7 London bombers, called Home Secretary John Reid "an enemy of Muslims and Islam" and called Tony Blair "the real terrorist" has yet to face charges more than a year after police began investigating him for incitement to murder.

In an appearance last week on BBC Radio's Today program, Abu Izzadeen said:
"There is going to be a very strong reaction from the [Muslim] community," ... "You can only push people to a certain level until they explode. The real terrorist is Tony Blair. He is a murderer. There is blood on his hands."
In August 2005, Izzadeen made an appearance on BBC 2's Newsnight program:
When questioned on the programme about the July 7 bombers, Mr Izzadeen described them as "completely praiseworthy" and said the attacks, which killed 52 London Tube and bus passengers, were legitimate "mujahedeen activity" that would make people "wake up and smell the coffee".
Tory MP David Davies had this to say:
"The trouble with the police is that they are completely cowed by these lunatics who are besmirching our airwaves with torrents of hatred," he said. "It sends out a very dangerous message to other extremists that the authorities are too cowardly to take action against people calling for incitement to violence and murder."
Mr. Davies is right, of course, but doesn't go far enough. Where's the BBC's culpability for repeatedly giving these ranting psychopaths a propaganda platform? Why does the British government allow BBC, which is funded by British taxpayers, to continue to do this?


Anonymous said...

Just count yourself lucky you don't have to live in the cr*phole open prison that is now the UK.
An inmate.

Eric said...

You have my sympathies, buddy. Who, exactly, can you guys vote for to turn things around?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hey - what you doin' with my parrot?

The only political party in Britain that has any inclination to tackle this problem is the BNP.

Just for saying that I will be shot to pieces as a racist, despite my having spent nearly a quarter of a century married to a South Asian woman, and my only child being half Asian.

You have to feel sympathy for the ordinary cop on the ground. He's trying to do his job with one hand tied behind his back by bloody ridiculous rules brought in by the politicians. And before you go getting any ideas about this being a democracy and we should vote them out - we never voted them in in the first place. That crew that calls itself the British Government came to power with the support of just 22.8% of the total British electorate. That's the system.

About the Muslims - I fear it may come down to Beirut circa 1970s. I don't want it 'cos it's my kind of people that's going to have to do the fighting and dying, then when we've won our country back, that same bunch of wasters are going to come crawling back out from under the rocks they've been safely hiding under, and just take over again as if nothing happened - and to them, nothing will have happened. You don't think THEY will take any chances with their precious hides do you?

It's a real sickener.