Friday, September 22, 2006

Philip Jacobson: Amnesty International right on Israel, wrong on Hizballah

In one of the more outrageous editorial pieces I've seen on the Israel/Hizballah conflict, Philip Jacobson at The First Post writes that while Amnesty International's denunciations of Israel were on the mark, their similar accusations of war crimes by Hizballah were wrong, and a result of pressure from Israel and the United States. In the article, Jacobson accuses Israel of "cynical targeting of Lebanese civilians".

Jacobson conveniently ignores a few important facts:

  • Warned civilians to evacuate before striking military targets in Lebanon
  • Used precision weapons and targeting to strike specific targets
  • Randomly lobbed rockets loaded with thousands of ball bearings into civilian population centers to maximize civilian casualties
  • Deliberately took positions in civilian areas to propagandize collateral damage caused by Israeli strikes
It's bad enough that AI re-writes the definition of "war crimes" by including among them strikes on infrastructure. But for one to assert Hizballah's actions were not war crimes is beyond comprehension.

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