Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Robert Fox: Wrong again

So far, Robert Fox is 0-2 in columns of his that I've read at The First Post. (The Pope should have known better)

In his latest misguided piece of rubbish, this one on the Pope's remarks and the Islamic world's reaction, Fox declares:
...the Popes of Rome, have at times been spiritual and venal, recluses and saints, sinners and even criminals, brilliant philosophers and theologians, actors and men of the world. All have had one thing in common, whether they liked it or not: they have all been politicians.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Pope is not a politician. Kings and heads of state no longer take their marching orders from the Pope, and the Vatican is a city-state in name only. The Pope, as a religious leader and head of his church, is a scholar and theologian. His duty is to set church doctrine, and not to worry about what others think of that doctrine.

In the world according to Robert Fox, a scholar is supposed to subordinate historical facts to political correctness. This is cowardly, and is just the type of thinking that keeps much of the Islamic world in the 7th century.

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