Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hugo Chavez is...right?

During Venezuelan Moonbat in Chief Hugo Chavez's venom-laced address to the UN General Assembly, the krazy kommie actually made a couple of good points.

The first was his assertion that the UN is a "deceased" organization. Now, maybe he really said or meant "brain-dead" and something got lost in the translation from Spanish. Or maybe he said "diseased" and in a verbal relay it got transcribed as "deceased". Either way, I share the sentiments.

The second point was that the UN headquarters may eventually need to be moved out of the United States. Comrade, that can't come soon enough for me.

Of course, the basis for my opinions may differ from his just a bit, but on these points we're in agreement. After the General Assembly's enthusiastic response to Chavez's speech, it's quite obvious that the institution is brain-dead and/or diseased, and their overt hostility to the US should make them collectively persona non grata on our soil.


Anonymous said...

The only reason to keep the UN in the US is for us to spy on all of them.

Eric said...

Well, there is that, I guess. But just imagine NYC without that stench...