Friday, September 22, 2006

Oslo terrorists may have planned to behead Israeli ambassador

Those "criminals" and "gang" members in Norway may have been planning to behead Israeli ambassador Miryam Shomrat, according to Aftenposten:
Israel's ambassador Miryam Shomrat is to have been a concrete target for the four suspects. Newspaper VG reports that they discussed beheading Shomrat in conversations bugged by police.
The newspaper describes those arrested as:
...a 29-year-old man of Pakistani origin, a 28-year-old Norwegian-Pakistani, a 28-year-old Norwegian of foreign origin, and a 26-year-old Norwegian.
At no time in any of the four Aftenposten articles
related to this case that I've read are the "M" or "I" words used.

Disturbingly, the news item goes on to say that one of these fine young men may have ties to an employee of the royal court of Norway:
The charged 26-year-old lived for a total of 12 years on several of the King's properties, newspaper VG reporting that he is the son of an employee at the royal court.

VG reports that the PST now fears that their may be a breach in the security network around the royal family.
Something's rotten in, uh, Norway.

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