Monday, September 07, 2009

Washington money

Each Labor Day, the Washington Post runs a feature listing salaries for various jobs in and around Washington, DC. A few interesting ones:

Marion Barry, City Councilman, Washington, D.C.: $125,583
$125K a year will buy a lot of crack!

Stephen Dumaine, Tuba Player, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, D.C.: $125,000
That salary makes getting your ass kicked in high school worth it, I guess.

Gustavo Carpio, Shoe Shiner, Ashburn, VA: $32,000
32 grand a year for shining shoes?

Jimmy McKennelly, Panhandler, Washington, D.C.: $20 a day
$7,300 a year may not sound like much, but he's got low overhead.

Alexander Ovechkin, Hockey Player, Washington Capitals: $9 million
But his dental expenses consume half of it.

Josh Wicks, Goalkeeper, D.C. United (Soccer), Washington, D.C.: $42,000
Should've taken up hockey instead.

Lonnie Wade Jr., Dead Animal Operator, Department of Public Works, Washington, D.C.: $38,000
I guess just figuring out how to operate a dead animal is worth $38 grand to the city.

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