Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama's brilliant team at work

Here's what we get for electing the smartest man to ever grace an American presidential campaign:
American plans to introduce an entrance fee for Germans and other Europeans entering the US has been met by harsh criticism. At an EU meeting on Monday, Germany's Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble opposed the plans, saying the plan to charge visitors a fee didn't make sense.

[ ... ]

Washington intends to use the planned fees to finance advertising campaigns for tourism, and estimates from a travel industry lobbying group claim the campaign could create 40,000 jobs in the travel industry. Schäuble has criticized these plans. "Financing a campaign to promote tourism by charging tourists $10 may not be logical," Schäuble said.
Whoever said a Democrat-led government would be logical? Way to mend those fences abroad, sport.


Ayrdale said...

Off topic, but may I with respect draw this charming little song to your attention ?

Mark said...

OK... so an administration willing to flush 787+ BILLION dollars on "stimulus" spending wants to make tourists pay for the advertisements?

Wow. Thank the Lord that Grown Ups are in charge now!