Sunday, September 06, 2009

It's NOT the speech, stupid

Lefties everywhere are having themselves a good laugh over righties' objections to Barack Obama's upcoming address to American schoolchildren. Some columnists, such as Bob Ray Sanders, find it all "so sinister and so sickening".
Unfortunately for a growing number of frightened, misguided and hate-filled Americans, this president should not and must not be a role model for their children. Therefore, their young sons and daughters should not be in class — or perhaps even in school — if there’s a remote possibility that the plague-spreading left-wing devil called Obama will speak to them.

They’ve labeled him the Antichrist who is set on desecrating the Constitution, destroying the country and annihilating their children’s futures.

It is theater of the absurd, being played out in exaggerated dramatic fashion on stages large and small — in offices, backrooms, broadcast studios and on the World Wide Web.

I would find it laughable if it were not so tragic, so sinister and so sickening.
First of all, the outrage isn't about the speech itself, but the original (and since stricken) "guidance" provided to educators to accompany the broadcast. Obama's Department of Education Indoctrination suggested teachers assign students the task of writing themselves a letter detailing ways in which the student can help Barack Obama. How creepy is that? If Obama simply gave a speech to kids exhorting them to stay in school, study hard, and work hard, and a handful of kids heeded his words, have at it, sport. Hell, do a weekly address. But, no, the original intent was to bolster his personality cult.

Second of all, Sanders, where the hell were you for the last eight years when the collective fevered mind of the left accused Bush of everything from being a warmonger to being evil incarnate?

Fucking hypocrite.

H/T Hot Air headlines for the Sanders column.

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