Thursday, September 03, 2009

Health care town hall tonight in Fredericksburg

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) is hosting a health care town hall at the Fredericksburg Expo Center in Fredericksburg, VA. Mrs. Pool Bar and I will be there, and if given the opportunity, here's a partial list of questions I plan on asking:
Back in July, the Obama administration and Democratic leaders in Congress were frantically trying to rush a vote on an eleven hundred-page health care reform bill which was not yet finished, and none of them had read. Why?

The stated purpose of health care reform is to drive down costs associated with health care and make it more affordable. One of the biggest contributors to health care costs are legal costs and malpractice insurance expenses incurred by health care professionals, and yet Democrats in Congress consistently resist any efforts at tort reform. Why?

HR 3200 includes individual mandates, requiring citizens – under threat of tax penalties - to carry medical coverage for themselves and any dependents. From which article does Congress derive the Constitutional authority to compel private citizens to purchase something they may neither need nor want?
Still compiling more questions as I research more.

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