Sunday, September 20, 2009

ACORN's biggest lie

The most outrageous lie from ACORN can be found on this page of their web site:
ACORN is a non-profit, non-partisan social justice organization with national headquarters in New York, New Orleans and Washington, D.C.
Um, OK.


Charles said...

I love this Breitbart column. :)

>>ACORN was not the only target of those videos; so were Katie, Brian, Charlie and every other mainstream media pooh-bah.
They were not going to report this blockbuster unless they were forced to. And they were. What’s more, it ain’t over yet.
..... And yes, there are more to come.

Eric said...

Yeah, I guess a big bombshell is scheduled to drop on NEA at noon today.

(Your link worked...yay!)

Charles said...

There have been rumors it involves the NEA....noon today, eh? Where do you get that? It would make sense, announce at noon, then let Limbaugh run with it.

Yeah, being able to embed a link is a major development, thanks for the tip on how to do that. :)

Eric said...

The noon thing was at this Big Hollywood link.