Saturday, June 16, 2007

You know you're near the target when you start taking fire

Fred Thompson's opponents appear to be getting a tad nervous about his surging popularity, and what it might mean to their own chances come primary time. has a good article cataloging the points with which the opposition is starting to hit him.

I'd heard about his lobbying work before, and I thought that in the wake of the Abramoff affair, this might be his biggest problem. Then I read the article at and saw this:
Thompson made nearly $1.3 million over about two decades of lobbying both before and after his eight-year Senate stint, according to government documents and media accounts from his successful run for the Senate in 1994.
So he made $1.3 million over 20 years of lobbying. That's an average annual take of $65,000. Pffft...either he was a crappy lobbyist or, more likely, he wasn't very committed to lobbying as a career choice.

Fred's starting to look more and more like my candidate of choice.


British National Party member said...

Hey, what happened to your other profile photo? I liked that one better!

Also, vox popoli thins different about Fred;


Eric said...

Heh...I had to put up one that was a bit more recent. Can't have people thinking I'm still a young pup. :-)

I'm still holding off on a final decision on Fred.