Monday, June 11, 2007

David Chase needs to be whacked

WARNING! Spoilers ahead.

If one more guy tells me how brilliant David Chase is, I'll puke all over him.

I'm watching the final episode of The Sopranos with the spousal unit last night, and it's nearly 10PM, and things aren't getting wrapped up. OK, so Phil Leotardo went down in near-comical fashion, but I'm still not feeling any closure.

And then Tony, Carmela, A.J. and Meadow are gathering at a diner, and the camera cuts to a couple of decidedly sinister-looking guys, one of whom heads for the men's room. Just as Meadow is entering the diner, we get the long-awaited final scene:

Brilliant my ass. Hedging his bets for a movie deal, more likely.

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