Saturday, June 23, 2007

Red Sox watch

We're near the end of June, and it's still a great season for Red Sox fans. How great? Let us count the ways:

  1. The Sox continue to hold the best record in the majors at .653
  2. Of second-place teams, the Evil Empire has the second worst record at .507
  3. Of second-place teams, the Evil Empire is mathematically closest to elimination with an elimination number of 81 (even the Washington Nationals, last place in their division, have a higher elimination number)
  4. Related to number 2 above, the Red Sox have the lowest magic number at 81
  5. Red Sox ranking: #1
  6. Evil Empire ranking: #8 ( a bit inflated if you ask me...their fan ranking is #14)
  7. Red Sox team ERA is ranked 3rd
  8. Evil Empire team ERA is ranked 16th
  9. Red Sox have Terry Francona
  10. Evil Empire have George Steinbrenner

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