Saturday, June 30, 2007

UK bombing attempts feeble, but not insignificant

The foiled car bombings in London yesterday predictably triggered denials and dismissals from the left, and today's modestly successful attack at Glasgow's airport will do nothing to make these useful idiots suddenly agree that the west faces a serious threat from Islamist freakazoids.

Yes, these attacks and attempted attacks might be feeble, amateurish and unsophisticated, and so the morons on the left will be quick to tell us that their poor execution means there's no link to al Qaeda (as if al Qaeda existed anyway!) and therefore, there's no serious terrorist threat. The alternative to an AQ connection is actually worse.

If these attacks weren't carried out at the direction of al Qaeda or some other organized group by cells operating in Britain, then who did it? The answer can only be a rampant outbreak of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome (SJS) by British subjects of (ahem) "Asian" descent. So, let's take a closer look at that possibility.

There are, conservatively speaking, 1.5 million Muslims in Britain. Now, because we all know that Islamic terrorists don't represent the "vast majority" of Muslims, let's put the vast majority at 99% of the Islamic community. That gives us 15,000 Islamist freakazoids. In army terms, folks, that's a fucking division. Or close to it, anyway. OK, so let's cut that in half, because we all know a woman's place in Islam. That's still 7,500 head-choppers running around loose in the UK.

For an even grimmer view, let's put that "tiny minority" of the Muslim community at the low side of the 10-15% some believe is closer to reality. Now we're up to 75,000 Islamist freakazoids eager to leave the UK for a date with 72 virgins.

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