Saturday, June 09, 2007

Anti-US bias at The Telegraph

The Telegraph has an item about allegations of forced labor to build the American embassy in Iraq. The headline, "US 'used forced labour to build Iraq embassy'", implies that either the US government or American contractors employed forced labor.

But the article makes no allegations against Americans using forced labor, in fact the article cites numerous instances of US authorities investigating the use of forced labor.
America is investigating whether forced labour was used to build its vast new embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone.

[ ... ]

Federal prosecutors working for the US Department of Justice have taken up the allegations, which were rejected in a State Department inquiry but partially supported by Defence Department auditors.

[ ... ]

But a Pentagon investigation into contractors operating in Iraq said it had identified abuses, some of which were "widespread."
But editorially, that's OK. Just as long as the casual headline skimmer takes away the notion that the US is the bad guy.

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