Tuesday, May 15, 2007

World's best cheeseburger (so far)

If the cut lines on the burger look kind of straight, it's because I had to eat this
thing with a knife and fork. And I guess those are French Fries,
not 'Freedom Fries'

What's a guy to do when he's in Paris for his last of two nights and needs a bite to eat? He gets a cheeseburger, of course! Yes, I had a cheeseburger tonight.

Being on the road for about my sixth straight week, I didn't really have the energy to go out and hunt down a good, real French meal, so I decided to just order a cheeseburger at the bar of the Paris Renaissance La Defense hotel. This turned out to have been a pretty good call, as this was easily the Best. Cheeseburger. Ever. (so far)

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