Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chavez makes good on threat

Last December I posted this piece about Venezuela's commie buffoon-in-chief's threat to shut down an opposition television station by not renewing their broadcast license. Sadly, BBC reports today that Hugo Chavez is following through on his threat.
Protests are expected in Venezuela's capital Caracas as a TV station opposed to President Hugo Chavez prepared to be taken off the air at midnight.

Mr Chavez has refused to renew a licence for Radio Caracas TV (RCTV), saying the station has actively tried to undermine his government.

[ ... ]

In place of RCTV, a new state-sponsored channel, TVes, will launch with programmes that Mr Chavez has said will better reflect society.

The government is providing $4m of funding to launch the new station.
And a fine reflection of society the new station will be, no doubt.

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