Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wake-up call

In yesterday's Daily Mail, Ruth Dudley Edwards wonders: Will Britain one day be Muslim?
This week has been another terrible one for those of us who want a society in which all races, religions and cultures mix to their mutual advantage and enrichment.

On Tuesday, five men were sentenced to life in prison for plotting to use a huge fertiliser bomb in what would have been the UK's largest mass murder.

Omar Khyam, Waheed Mahmood, Salahuddin Amin, Anthony Garcia and Jawad Akbar - first and second generation immigrants - responded to the tolerance of the British people by trying to kill as many of them as possible.

Is it absurd to hope that the exposure of their evil after a 13-month trial which cost an estimated £50 million has finally provided the wake-up call that this slumbering country so badly needs?

Or will we continue to allow the politically-correct lunatics to stay in charge of what is becoming an asylum?

I'm one of those old-fashioned immigrants to this country who feels passionately grateful, is proudly British (as well as Irish - having been born in Dublin), and believes that immigrants have more duties than rights. [Right on, but I'd extend that sentiment to all citizens. --ed.]

And, further, that one of those is to adjust to British society rather than expecting it to adjust to them.
Ms. Edwards doesn't bring up anything new here, but she says it very clearly. Read it all.

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