Friday, May 04, 2007

Medieval barbarism meets modern day thuggery

Celebrate diversity

Aftenposten reports that a Pakistani gang in Oslo, Norway has been capturing and torturing members of a rival Moroccan gang in a basement torture chamber complete with chains on the walls.
A chilling trial is going on north of Oslo that revolves around a modern-day torture chamber, allegedly used by a Norwegian-Pakistani gang to terrorize members of a rival Moroccan gang.

Arshad Mahmood, the main 38-year-old defendant, owns the house where police found three men badly beaten and being held hostage in the home's cellar.

The room could only be described as a torture chamber, according to police. The three hostages, all Moroccans, were allegedly chained to its walls while they were beaten and kicked, police said.
It's a good thing Norway is so open to immigration by people like this. Their unemployment rate would skyrocket from all the out of work law enforcement professionals.


Anonymous said...

Well spotted Eric, would not have noticed this but for your blog.

Eric said...

Thanks, Dizzy.

Pretty disturbing, eh?